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Living with quadriplegia / Winter

Snow joke.

As I’ve just commented on Facebook, I woke this morning to the unmistakable sounds of a New Brunswick Spring. Ice pellets thrashing against the window and the distant hum of snow blowers…. Being a softy English person, I’m bound to be fed up with both the length of this winter and the copious amounts of snow – but … Continue reading


That festival time of year…

It’s that time of year – when thoughts turn to long summer days, hot sun and cold cider. Yes, it’s Festival season! Time to enjoy music in the great outdoors with more weather than you can handle, plenty of the world’s cuisines and a lesser (but adequate) range of beverages. These images are from Global Gathering … Continue reading

Living with quadriplegia

I know you care.

Like a diary, a blog must be honest. Oh, I don’t mean the ‘best recipe’ kind or the ‘ isn’t Star Wars great’ or ‘all about babies’ categories but the ones about life. There’s little point in writing and sharing about experience if it isn’t the real deal. That’s a belief that makes writing these entries a little scary, … Continue reading